Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love aspens

I've opted for a minimalist approach to the blog layout. Mostly because any images I added to the title looked nasty. Someday, this blog might be more exciting... someday.

In the meantime, look what I made!

Oh the joys of ink and acrylic. I actually had loads of fun with this. Possibly because aspens are my favorite trees to draw. I think I'll do more like it in the future. The scan isn't as great as I would have liked but oh well. You get the idea.

Ha! I'm getting good at paying my dues to the blogger God.


  1. natalie, this is so beautiful! i love the transparent, graphic quality this has, yet it is still rendered. kind of like mucha's stuff. beautiful pen work, as always.

    i really love the stuff you're coming up with this year. you're getting so good!

  2. -
    Miss Gorgeous...
    I love you.
    I cannot bear to be without YOU
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven
    where we can paint the sky
    (Im a NDE).

    So if you arent a Christian,
    ask Jesus to come into your heart.
    Nthn else.
    That easy.
    He takes you as you are.
    He took me with a head injury.

    God bless your indelible soul, dear.
    Cya soon Upstairs...

    1. ...and I looooooooove Aspens.
      They remind me of a cloudy day
      in the Rockies...

      Let's do that sometime
      in Seventh-Heaven. Wanna?
      Just us holding hands
      staring at the Apens...